Boba Fett Comic Con

Boba Fett Comic Con

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Boba Fett... Boba Fett?  Where!?

More designs by Sweyda! Everyone's favorite bounty hunter has escaped the Sarlacc pit and landed right on your...

Ok... their gone.  Please help me! I'm being held against my will. Please contact my wife and let her know that I'm ok.  She lives downtown, has a giant mole on the right side of her face, like the size of a Sacagawea Dollar big, and answers to the name "Chesty Velvet."  Don't ask... it was a terrifying night in Green Bay.  Anyways, also call this number and let him know "The duck flies at midnight."

..Balls! They're coming back!

And that's why having a baby seal seams like a good idea but will always end with tears and wishing you had NES back.